Welcome to the Be Organized Box

The Be Organized Box is a brand new concept bringing the tips, tools and teaching of Chaos To Order’s expert organizers to you in a refreshingly new way.

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Organizing Starter Kit

Have you been wanting to get organized, but just don’t know where to begin? The Be Organized Box Organizing Starter Kit is your answer! In it you will find important tools to help keep you organized. Our chronological file system, To Do lists, goal setting and time management are all included. If you need a kick start with general organization, the Organizing Starter Kit is your solution!

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Spring Clean Box

Our newest addition is the Spring Clean Box. With the purchase of this box you will receive everything from our favorite cleaning tool to our best solution for hangers and closet organization. If you want some motivation to get the spring cleaning started, this new Be Organized Box is the way to go!

We have honed our skills in the field of professional organizing with 25 years of experience. Now we want to bring them to you in the Be Organized Box! Click below to learn more about Chaos To Order.

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